• 2012 Audience ¨Juan Victoria¨- San Juan - Argentina
    ¨Aida¨she appeared before a fulfilled Audience taht she applauded of foot


More than 250 persons in scene displayed of an opera of great deployment that the sanjuaninos could reward with his your presence and plaudits.

                                                      Newspaper Tiempo de San Juan

  • In The Sea Legislature of The City Atónoma of Buenos Aires
    Anniversary of the xxx years of the Musical Magazine Today of Juan Gelaf
    -Gala Concert :Lima, L. Linares, Dabusti


There is amazing the vocal evolution that has had Haydée Dabusti, the degree of reached refinement that have done of her now a certification singer verdiana, with the impactane I use dramatist of the mezza voce. Each of his her interpretacioens was a sonorous and dramatic milestone. His her DON CARLO'S duo with Lima was a moment developer. In the same way alike her dialog with God in Coarse made feel that God was there present hearing her. And the crescendo of love, happiness, light that I accompany on the appearance of the Love in Andrea Chenier's aria not to have be better operated.
By Luis Baietti-Uruguay


  • 2012 "Ópera for all" Big Arias and Duos of opera
    Haydée Dabusti - Pablo Sanchez To the piano: Teacher Susana Cardonnet
    Comments: Carlos Alonso


Opera stars! Musical excellence together with the teacher Cardonnet.
  By Fabio Damián Gómez Rosa


  • 2012 Don Carlo Orchestra and Choir of Bahía Blanca
    Municipal Theatre of Bahía Blanca

They say that God knows what he does, and He might have known what he did with Haydée Dabusti when He kept her apart from lyric activity for so many years. This has allowed her to reach her personal and artistic maturity with a spotless voice, a beautiful youthful timbre and a continuously improving technique – it is incredible how this singer impresses everyone with her pianissimos, considering that some years ago, in her second debut, she was unable to use this technique- and the strength of her low notes, which becomes firmer and firmer every time and which allows her to shine in this tessitura. I must admit that her acting impressed me. Elisabetta is an extremely difficult role as the actress must express feelings softened by her position as the Queen, and must also show the authority and the dignity that come along with her position. Dabusti achieved this with complete conviction, making of this the most brilliant performance of her career,  as far as acting is concerned. Being a bit more demanding, I noticed on her a slight lack of dramatic focus during the final duet with the tenor, maybe due to some tiredness which nevertheless did not affect her voice. She ended the performance with an endless B sharp which made me remember the famous tape of Monserrat Caballe. By Luis Baietti - Uruguay


  • 2012 Norma
    Teatro Coliseo

Love for lyric singing was the protagonist of this incomparable evening “Norma” at Coliseo Theatre Coliseo Theatre .
28 May 2012 Charity Lyric Gala with great artistic effort.
Our opinion: very good.
Soprano Haydée Dabusti, playing the role of Norma, achieved by far one of her most brilliant performances, remarking her condition to sing with expression, giving sense to every phrase and applying wisely all the resources of a singing school based on wise breathing-handling, with a rather slow exhalatrion, not forced nor exaggerated, and with a soft and relaxed inhalation. This work made her earn the recognition of the public.
By Juan Carlos Montero. Diario La Nación.


  • 2012 Attila
    Teatro Roma
Excellent version of Attila’s Concert at Roma Theatre of Avellaneda.
HaydéeDabusti showed us yet again that no role is impossible for her, and that the first Verdi is ideal for her resources and her spotless technique. Her work soared from the first devilish aria “SANTO DI PATRIA”, where she showed a perfect coloratura, easy high notes and her usual tuning, to her second aria, where the mezza voce and pianissimo achieved at the end a work worthy of being treasured. She was equally outstanding during the ensemble’s scenes.
By PhD Alberto Leal

  • 2012 First International Opera
    Festival ¨Magic Lagoon¨
    Concepción, Chile

Musical Conductor: Master Victor Hugo Toro

  • 2011 Norma
    Teatro Municipal de Bahia Blanca
    Opera Norma, V. Bellini
Her performance of today became a real hit of the region, since nobody
there could ever hear a  local  soprano being good enough to face the
serious difficulties of he part, just as Dabusti have done, showing a high
label of maturity, as we could specially realize in the second act (DORMONO
ENTRAMBI) when her acting reached moments of great intensity.
In fact a great interpretation that we all should enjoy, which  I hope
will be soon presented in Buennos Aires, and why not? also in Montevideo
By Luis Baietti-Uruguay 

  • 2011 Fedra
    Teatro Colón

"Soprano Haydee Dabusti contributed with her recognized experience and brilliant vocal skills to the interpretation of a "Nanny" of considerable depth and quality, not only because of her natural on-stage presence but also for the aplomb with which she confronted the complexity of each passage that she sang."
                                By Juan Carlos Montero. "La Nación"


  • 2011 Recital Verdi Puccini
    Gala Privada

Regarding the August 13th gala, it was excellent and its highest point  was Verdi's first area,
"Tu che le vanita", where soprano Haydee Dabusti as well as Maestra Cardonnet offered a class in musical perfection. Dabusti's voice also resulted in superb renditions of all remaining Verdi's areas, as well as those of Puccini. Since I was seated very close to Ms Dabusti, I also noticed that her breathing was barely noticeable, which reminded me of Ms Dabusti's teacher Professor Teresa Serrantes. Together with the singers and the public, I was not able to resist the tears flowing from my eyes.
Congratulations are due Ms Dabusti.
   By Oscar R.Thompson 


  • 2011 Requiem de Verdi
    Rosario 2011


Haydee Dabusti an always charming presence in Rosario,
in this occasion proved her clones, good Verdian style,
as result of patient study and carefulness; she is a singer
that constantly look for perfection , correct use of
volume and colour, regarding the dramma.
             By Santos Cantoni-Newspaper " La Capital".Rosario. Buenos Aires.

  • 2011 Il Tabarro "Giorgetta"
    Teatro Colón 2011

Haydée Dabusti had his first and deserved leading role at the Colón, doing a musically sung Giorgetta, with a good color and a voice that projected without problems. His portrayal showed the broken dreams of this unhappy woman and his terrible end with his dead lover, with a full understanding of the rol's dramatic richness. The audience gave her a well-deserved ovation and we also applaud her: bravo!
   By Prof. Christian Lauria.

Our Haydée Dabusti, making an unfairly delayed first appearance at the Colón and singing with beautiful timbre, fine line and convincing acting.
By Pablo Bardin.

  • 2011 ¨I Due Foscari¨, Teatro Roma
Concert Foscari 
Haydée Dabusti showed again that in this sort of dramatic verdi part she has the right style, the no-holds-barred attack and the technical ability such as the part of Lucrezia Contarini needs
By Pablo Bardin - Buenos Aires Herald.

Excellent version of the concert “I Due Foscari” at Roma Theatre.
HaydéeDabusti closed the main trio of concerts with the same level of vocal excellence as in the previous ones, being given the greatest ovation of the evening. Even if the soprano is used to great, difficult roles such as Abigail or Gioconda, here she was able to show all her resources and vocal power, too. Despite the extremely demanding role, as regards the high notes sector, the passage of quick coloratura and the great dramatic demands, she handled it all skillfully, and with a spotless singing line, an accurate use of the mezza voce and spotless high notes of excellent volume. Another performance worthy of being treasured.
By PhD Alberto Leal.www.operaintheworld.com
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